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How to Delete a DeviantArt Account?

 How do I Deactivate My DeviantArt Account?

Deactivation is located in your Account Settings, under the Personal section. You can deactivate your account from here 

To complete deactivation:

Click "Yes, deactivate my account."

You'll be prompted to input your password to send a verification email.

Accounts with social login will not be prompted for a password.

Click the "Deactivate Account" link in the email.

Click "Yes, deactivate my account" once you're redirected.

Confirm your deactivation reason to finalize the process.

How to Delete a DeviantArt Account?

Once your account is deactivated:

Your Profile is wiped clean.

All of your deviations and journals are pulled from public view, and after 21 days they will be scheduled for deletion from the servers.

Your portfolio is deleted. (If it is not removed, be sure that the portfolio is attached to the account you're deactivating.)

All of your previous comments will show your username greyed out with a line through it.

You will only be able to login to view previous shop purchase activity.

You will no longer be able to participate in the DeviantArt community.

If you are deactivating to free up your email, you will have to wait 21 days before you can reuse that same email address. If you require another account during this time, please consider using another email address or changing the email address on file for the account you're deactivating. 

Deactivated accounts may be reactivated after 48 hours have passed since deactivation, up until 21 days after the original deactivation.


You can access the reactivation feature by going to your settings. Once your account passes the 21-day self-reactivation period, it cannot be reactivated.

To reactivate your account:

Log in to your account.

Go to your Account Settings found in your drop-down menu.

Click "Reactivation" under the Personal section.

Input your password, and confirm your password.

Click "Reactivate my Account." Welcome back!

Deactivated accounts beyond the 21 day self-reactivation window cannot be reactivated by the account owner or DeviantArt Staff due to technical limitations.

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