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How to Delete a LinkedIn Account?

LinkedIn is a great place to establish business relationships. Unlike Facebook and other social media, it is entirely focused on business relationships. It's worth having an account on it, but if you want to delete it, nothing stands in the way. Closing your LinkedIn account is very easy, both from your phone and computer.

Delete LinkedIn Account: Profiles on social networks sometimes turn out to be unnecessary, annoying or useless. Services such as LinkedIn, although they create a lot of possibilities, also allow you to conveniently get rid of your own profile if someone no longer wants to use these opportunities. The main vision of the service is to connect people specialized in various industries so that work is as effective as possible. There are several options on how to delete a LinkedIn account, as it is possible to temporarily block or permanently close it.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Account? 

For some reason, have you decided that you no longer need a LinkedIn account? Think about whether this is a good decision. Also consider if closing it completely is what you want. If you just want to limit the visibility of your profile, LinkedIn gives you the right options. How to delete a LinkedIn account?

Click on the "Me" icon on the home page.

Expand the list and select "Settings & Privacy".

Go to the "Account Management" section, then "Account Preferences", select "Change" and finally "Close Account".

Indicate the reason for deleting the account and go "Next".

Enter your profile password and select "Close account".

How to Delete a LinkedIn Account?

Deleting a LinkedIn Account

If you no longer need the services offered by the site or are annoyed by the notifications you receive, you can limit your activity or close your account completely. Closing your LinkedIn account is permanent and voids any recommendations you've made, as well as deleting contacts, messages, skills, and posts. 

To delete a user's profile, open the home page and find the icon with your photo at the top of the site. 

Then go to the Settings & Privacy section, which you will find after expanding the selection list. 

Under the Account Preferences module, in the Account Management section, click Change next to Close Account. 

The page will ask you for your reason for unsubscribing, select it from the available options and proceed. 

Confirm your decision by entering your password.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Profile on Smartphone?

Many people use their LinkedIn profile on their smartphone. If you want to delete your account from this device, follow the steps below:

Go to your account and click on your profile picture.

Select “ Settings ” and “ Account Preferences ”.

Then scroll down the page and click " Close Account ".

That's all you need to do to quickly and effectively delete your LinkedIn account on your phone.


After closing your LinkedIn account, you must wait up to 72 hours before it will be deleted. However, your profile may still be displayed by search engines for some time, but eventually it will stop appearing in search results. LinkedIn has no influence on this. So closing an account is instantaneous, but deleting it takes a bit longer - that's all the difference.

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