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How to Delete Columns in Excel?

 How to Delete Columns in Excel?

It's no secret to any of us in the IT world that Microsoft Office has the highest percentage of office applications in the world, and that's because thanks to Word, Excel Access, PowerPoint, etc., we have a package full of useful features and functions that will make working with any type of data as flexible and complete as possible, and in a world like today this is essential, as more professional and comprehensive results are required.

When we delete a cell in rows or columns, we will also delete them in addition to their contents. But sometimes we just want to remove the content they contain, rather than visibly removing part of the web as well. It is normal that while managing data we need to work with it and also eliminate it, but we don't always find the best way to do it. Another option that we can find is that among all our data cells without content or empty are located and annoy us in the final result. This usually happens between splitting data that we leave space cells that we don't use in the end.

How to Delete Blank Rows or Columns in Excel?

If you have a lot of blank rows in your Excel spreadsheet, you can delete them by right-clicking each time individually and selecting "Delete," a time-consuming task. However, there is a faster and easier way to delete both empty rows and empty columns.

The first step you need to do is to select the entire range of data where the empty cells are located.

Now we press the F5 key and the following popup window will appear.

There we click on the "Special" button and in the new displayed window we will activate the "Empty Cells" field.

Click OK and this process selects all empty cells in the selected range.

Now we will go to the "Start" menu and in the "Cells" group we click on the "Delete" button and there we select the appropriate option as the case may be, "Delete Sheet Rows" or "Delete Sheet Columns".

In this case, we select the option or "Remove columns from the sheet" and we will see that the empty cells are deleted.

How to Delete Columns in Excel?

How to Delete cells in Microsoft Excel?

The removal procedure is usually intuitive, but there are several options for performing this operation that not all users have heard of. Let's learn more about all the ways to remove specific cells from the table in Excel.

Highlight the area of ​​the spreadsheet where you want to delete the blank rows. 

Make sure you include the line just above the first blank line and the line just below the last blank line.

Click on "Find and Select" in the "Edit" section of the "Home" tab and select "Go to special ..." from the drop-down menu.

In the "To Special" dialog box, select "Blanks" and click "OK".

All cells in the selection that are not empty are de-selected, leaving only the selected empty cells.

On the Home tab's Cells tab, click Delete, and then select Delete Rows from Sheets from the drop-down menu.

All blank lines are removed and the remaining lines are now contiguous. You can also delete empty columns using this function. To do this, select the area containing the empty columns to be deleted. Be sure to include the column to the left of the leftmost column to be deleted and the column to the right of the rightmost column to be deleted in your selection.

Again, click on "Find and Select" in the "Edit" tab of the "Home" tab and select "Go to special ..." from the drop-down menu.

Select "Blanks" again in the "Go to Special" dialog box and click "OK".

Again, all cells in the selection that are not empty are deselected, leaving only the selected empty cells. This time, since there are no empty rows selected, only empty columns are selected.

Click Delete in the Cells section of the Home tab, and then select Delete Sheet Columns from the drop-down menu.

Empty columns are deleted, and remaining columns are contiguous, just as rows are.

This method of deleting empty rows and columns is faster, especially if you have a large workbook containing large and multiple worksheets.


An Excel worksheet contains a lot of empty rows by default. If you want to reduce an Excel file, it is advisable to delete it. You can do this easily by following these steps:

Select all data including the empty cells

Press F5 on your keyboard – then click 'Special'

Now select 'Empty Values' and click 'Ok'

On your keyboard, press Ctrl and the minus sign (-) (this will delete the rows)

Now select “Move Cells Up”

The empty rows have been removed

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