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How to Control Alt Delete on Mac?

 On Windows devices, Ctrl+Alt+Del opens a menu that allows you to stop a program or restart your computer, among other things. Now you may be wondering how to use Control Alt Delete on Mac to force quit a program. Fortunately, this post will teach you how to force quit software on a Mac without the Control Alt Delete keys. You can rely on the methods below.

How to Control Alt Delete on Mac?

If you want to use Control Alt Delete on Mac to force quit a frozen software, you might be very confused because you can't find the Alt and Delete keys on your keyboard. This is common for Mac beginners who have used Windows PCs. So how to fix crashing software on Mac without Control Alt Delete keys?

1. Press Command+Option+Esc.

It's the closest Mac keyboard shortcut to the familiar Windows Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut. Pressing all three keys simultaneously brings up a list of currently active applications. You can also force quit any apps that are stuck in this state.

2. Go to the Apple menu.

Another quick alternative to Mac Alt Delete is the Apple menu. You can also use it to force quit applications. Click on the apple and select the Force Quit option. This action will open the Force Quit dialog box to select the application that is not responding.

How to Control Alt Delete on Mac?

How to Call up the "Task Manager" on Mac?

If you've already had time to look at your Mac's keyboard layout, you may have noticed that its layout and some of the keys are different from standard PC keyboards, and the use of individual keys is also different.

A version of this window also exists in macOS. According to Apple, it allows you to close incompatible applications or, for example, restart the Finder. You invoke it with the keyboard shortcut alt ⌥   + cmd ⌘   + esc ⎋ . The second way to get to this manager is apple Menu  > Force Quit .


1. What are the equivalent keys of Control Alt Delete on Mac?

Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows devices allows you to open a menu and force quit non-working applications. On a Mac, you can press Command+Option+Esc. It's the Mac equivalent of Control Alt Delete.

2. How to start Task Manager for Mac without Control Alt Delete?

Activity Monitor is a Mac Task Manager. It can show you the problematic apps on your device and help you force them. Just press Command + Shift + U keys on your keyboard to launch it.


You have successfully read the entire post on how to Alt Delete on Mac and force quit apps. You can easily force quit any program on your Mac using the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + Esc. Similar to Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Windows. Ctrl+Alt+Delete is not a keyboard shortcut on macOS. Instead, ⌘ Command+⌥ Option+Esc brings up the Force Quit panel.

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