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6 (SIX) Ways to Use Technology to Develop Creativity

6 (SIX) Ways to Use Technology to Develop Creativity

There are many who are eager to cultivate their creativity sense by using the latest technology that is easily accessible to them. The industry experts suggest that there are several ways to use technology towards developing creative sense in oneself.

Boost Creativity Using Technology

Some provoking ways

·         Online art exhibition: It is now possible to digitize everything. Beautiful art can be created by using the drawing board and water colors. Shades can be given with Adobe Photoshop and colors changed as per preference, mood and taste. Thus, the art can be given that wonderful finishing touch. It can be sold at any online art exhibition and fetch great prices!

·         Music composition: Those having yearning for music can download lyrics, tabs and compose music using suitable voice software. It can be then played at a concert. It will also help to keep proper track and to cover up mistakes. This way, success is sure to be achieved.

·         Photography: It is a wonderful and creative hobby for all ages. Photos are to be taken in sufficient light or using the flash light of the camera at night. Once the photos are digitized, the face colors and shapes can be further refined along with body colors and shapes including the background colors. One can use Adobe Photoshop to derive the desired effects. Printouts can be taken at any point of time.

·         Creative writing: This can be initiated by anyone having the urge and passion to read and write. Develop a story and start writing after taking two or three days to think of the different plots and characters. By planning everything, the story can be made interesting and the finished piece will be a great work piece that can be shown to everyone to read and enjoy. It can also be sold over the leading online portals like Amazon or published free in one of those portals to increase fan base.

·         Prepare blended tea: There are varieties of tea leaf blends available. It will be wise and creative to try out two different blends at a time and the next two blend types the other day. The blends are to be boiled in a clean tea pan after which, the leaves are to be removed. Sufficient sugar and milk is to be added. This way, identify the blend that gives out that taste and aroma. Check out YouTube for more ideas or simply upload the best tea blend recipe over YouTube!

·         Create handicrafts: There are handicrafts available made from cotton, jute, bamboo and wood. Different types can be availed depending upon individual taste and preference. For example, one can get to choose small versions of those real life objects like toy rickshaws, toy dolls, money wallet, handbag, boutique T-shirts, picture of village scene, etc. Then these can be sold over a well known online portal.

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