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{How to Delete Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox:

How to Delete Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox

One of the foremost economical options of your application, is that it stores data as you're browsing internet. This data includes cookies, cache, downloads and browsing information. Sometimes, it’s a decent plan to erase your history once your net surfriding session. this is often to make sure to guard the privacy of your viewed content. it's most helpful once you’re employing a public laptop. it's additionally helpful if you would like to cover one thing from your significant other, kids, or folks during a shared laptop.

How to Delete Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla history includes a website by site list of the foremost recent sites you have got visited. It seems within the “History” and “Library” menus. you'll additionally realize it within the Location Bar Autocomplete address list.

Let’s see a way to do it:

 initial click the “menu” and so click on History. Next step are choosing the choice Clear Recent History.
        A dropdown menu can seem. From all the choices you'll have to be compelled to choose the time vary. this can tell Firefox from wherever to get rid of the information.

Next step is to click the arrow next to Details. {this can|this may|this can} choose what quite data will get cleared from the present.

To delete browsing information, check the box “browsing and transfer history”. this can additionally embody what you have got recently downloaded onto your computer. this is often mechanically recorded and saved in your Firefox Browser.

However, it's vital to mention that selecting this selection won't delete the downloaded things from your computer simply the temporary files created within the browser. As you'll see within the following screen capture, you'll additionally take away cookies and additionally clear browsing cache.

Finally, click the button Clear currently . which will shut the windows. elect things are removed.

Do it Automatic

you can tell Mozilla Firefox to clear your history on exit. this can defend your privacy. Nothing are keep throughout your browsing sessions. Your activity are forgotten by the browser.

    Click on the menu. Go then to the the Privacy panel. Move your mouse on the History section.

    Set the text  “Firefox will:” to the subsequent possibility “Use custom settings for history.”

    Check the choice “Clear history once Firefox closes”. it'll be at the lowest of the dialogue box.
 choose “Settings” (next to “clear history once Firefox closes”).
    Check the things that you just wish to possess cleared mechanically on every occasion you quit Firefox. (In this case, you'd select solely Browsing History and deselect all the opposite options).

    Then click okay to return to your previous window.
    Finally click on OK once more.

REMOVE an online NOT the whole HISTORY    Click the menu to start out. Then select History and so click the Show All History link. it's set at the lowest of the list.
 within the prime manus corner, there's an area to write down the web site to be removed, kind within the keyword for the web site you would like and at last press Enter.
 choose the location you would like to clear clicking the link within the search results.
    Click on the choice “Forget concerning This website.”

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