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{How to Delete Autocomplete and Autofill Forms }

Delete and Clear Autofill Form

Delete and Clear Autofill Form

Deleting individual form entries in Mozila Firefox :

If you want to remove one of your previous form entries from Firefox's history:

    Click on the form field and press the ↓ key to display all the saved entries. You may type the first few letters of the entry to limit the number of entries displayed.
    Use the ↓ key or the mouse pointer to highlight the entry you wish to delete.
    Press Delete. The entry will be removed.
Repeat the process for each entry that you'd like to delete.

Clearing All Form History

If you want Firefox to forget all of your previous form entries:

    Click on the Library button
    Click History, and then Clear Recent History
    In the Time Range to clear: drop-down, choose Everything
    Click on the arrow next to Details to display the list of items that you can clear
    Make sure Form & Search History has a check mark next to it
    Click Clear Now to clear your form history and close the dialog box.

How Clear autofill in a Google Chrome Browser?

Open Google Chrome Bowser
Click the Chrome menu (three vertical dots)
Select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data
In the dialogue box, check the Autofill form data
Click the Clear browsing data

delete specific autofill entries:

Open Google Chrome Browser
Click the menu on the  toolbar and select Settings
Tap on Show advanced settings and then Passwords and forms
select the entry you’d like to delete by Click on X

Clear Autofill Form in Internet Explorer

    Click on the Tools menu icon. (Gear at top right of screen.)
    Click on Internet Options.
    Select the Content tab.
    In the AutoComplete section click on Settings.
    At the bottom of the AutoComplete Settings window, click Delete AutoComplete History.
    Check Form Data and Passwords.
    Click Delete.
    Click OK in the AutoComplete Settings Window.
    Click OK in the Internet Options Window.

Clear Autofill Form in Safari Browser

Click on the Safari menu. (The word Safari at the top of the screen.)
Click on Preferences
Choose AutoFill
Next to “Other Forms” click Edit
Click Remove All
Click Done.

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